New Initiatives

After getting community input at our General Membership meeting this summer, DTLA Strong is considering the following goals for our 2020 year-long initiative. What do you think? Sign up to become a member of DTLA Strong to help us to decide our initiative for the next year. Voting on the new initiative will begin in the next few months.


In the next year, DTLA Strong will focus on achieving one of the following goals:

  • Creation of a DTLA-wide traffic study to modernize traffic lights, control speed etc.
  • Reform scooter rules in DTLA
  • More sanitation resources to address illegal dumping on sidewalks and public spaces
  • Develop a more robust rodent abatement program in DTLA
  • Push the City's motion to get the State to audit the Lanterman Act to create easier provision of mental health services. Petition for changes to policy at City and County level for 5150 holds
  • Passage of the DTLA 2040 Community Plan
  • Create restroom and shower facilities for homeless in each neighborhood of DTLA
  • Increased funding for bi-weekly street cleaning in DTLA
  • Establish City "Dump Patrol" to catch and fine illegal dumping from Downtown businesses
  • Create a "Recovery Zone" that allows stronger enforcement of drug offenses in specific DTLA areas where there are addiction recovery services
  • More stringent enforcement of homeless dumping in DTLA
  • Create a continuous protected bike path on 7th Street between the Downtown core and the Arts District
  • Advocate for an "inclusionary zoning" policy that requires a percentage of affordable units in all new development projects in DTLA
  • Create a City-led DTLA citizen outreach program to work hand-in-hand with professional C3 homeless outreach teams to assist getting homeless off the streets and into housing
  • Focused clean-up and beautification of 5th Street corridor AKA "The Nickel"